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The one minute overview

Whether you are searching for your next boat or marketing the one you have, sharing your boating adventures with the world, or just armchair sailing, we are building something new for everyone: BoaterBase™, created by the team at marinemotion®.

Sell and charter new and used boats, or just share your boating adventures

BoaterBase™ helps you share your boating story with the world, offer it for sale or charter, and reach out to the people who want to know more. 

Featuring a powerful multi-media gallery and customizable content, BoaterBase™ creates content that makes it easier than ever for you to present and market your boat, and provide an easy method of social sharing and website integration. 

Show and sell for boating

It all starts with telling a better story. With  galleries that support images and video, you can highlight major features, then drill down to the details.  The quick gallery catches their eye as they scroll down the page, making mobile presentations more effective.

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Customizable content blocks let you specify selling messages in your pricing and marketing copy. 

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Direct contact  from the listing immediately sends notifications to the profile owner. 

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We support multiple models and price points within a single listing, making our format efficient for new boat marketers and charter operations. 

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Build a listing that means more by creating the sections and content you need… no more cookie cutter format. You can even add images to highlight details.

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Your Blog entries are also shareable to your social media. 

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When you blog and/or update the listing your ‘followers’ will automatically be notified, making fast work of your marketing efforts or adventures. 

Create unlimited ‘collections’ of your inventory and install them in your website, or anywhere you have script access. 

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Separate your new and used inventory, different models lines or office inventories, and create multiple collections to run in different locations. 

Aggregate your listings into a customizable page that you can use as a landing page for you inventory. Share the page, and even create a shareable dealer blog for your firm separate from the listing blogs.*

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Add this great listing platform to an arsenal of marketing programs we can provide, and you have a powerful set of tools to promote your boats. 

Pick the plan that is best for you:  Community  Solo • Pro  Network 

From our FREE Community to our Enterprise Level Custom solution, you'll find the best fit for you and get your marine business ahead of the game.

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BoaterBase  Community

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Create Living Listings with BoaterBaseTM Community

BoaterBaseTM Community is also a no-cost tool available to you featuring all the same benefits as our Visitor membership and much more.

  • Create "living listings" that can be updated and include searchable specs

  • Create custom formatted listings sections complete with media and links to highlight special features. 

  • Use pictures, videos, and links to your favorite features to showcase your boats

  • Blog about your boat and your adventures and automatically update your followers

  • Share your listings to social media with just one click for even larger reach

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Learn more and sign up BoaterBase™  Community Account

Just want to list a single boat for sale?  Get all the benefits our fabulous presentation, blogging and sharing platform for an affordable monthly investment. 

Once you're onboard, you can even take advantage of our professional marketing solutions to really ramp up the interest in your listing. 

You can even try it FREE for 2 weeks - If you sell your boat before you're subscription kicks in, no problem... give us two thumbs up for help out! 

Learn more and sign up BoaterBase™ Solo

Upgrade to BoaterBaseTM Pro - only $99 per month .

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Upgrade to BoaterBaseTM Pro, the ideal solution for marine Brokers and Dealers. Manage your business straight from the app and invite your team to help out.

  • Add multiple model specs, pricing and payment options

  • Integrate charters with online booking options

  • Create branded collections that you can install on any website*, unique to your business content

  • Seamlessly inject your boat presentations right into your website. Pro members can push their BoaterBaseTM listings straight to their website, simplifying the process immensely. Say goodbye to the hassle of web management and let BoaterBaseTM take care of it from here.

  • Boaterbase listings appear on the marinemotion® network partner sites as well

  • View and contact followers to fine-tune your marketing efforts. Our unique watchlist feature allows you to see see and contact potential leads. Youu can easily pinpoint your target market each time you have a new listing and send an update to the appropriate audience.

  • Listings and Blog entries will appear AD-free

Learn more and upgrade here • BoaterBase™ PRO

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Start your content network by utilizing our branded groups feature. You define your branding and we integrate it directly to your website.  Aggregate content from all your marketing outlets, or push your updated content and marketing messages to all your outlets with the click of a mouse. 

Everyone saves precious time and resources with BoaterBaseTM Pro, while keeping your marketing message current and consistent across your network. 

Learn more here •  BoaterBase™ Enterprise

Our Premium Listing Service

Campaign clients receive our premium listing service and are priced on an individual basis, depending on services rendered, ranging from:

  • Premium listing creation services - video, pro photography options, pro copywriting with keyword injection
  • Leverage social campaigns (facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Highly targeted AD campaigns for each listing or Group
  • Target your market on marinemotion®, Google, facebook, Marine AD Network
  • Content marketing development (social media, marinemotion®, BoaterBase™)
  • Global listing service; send one email and all your listings are updated

Learn more here •  BoaterBase™ Premium